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February 7, 2011 How To

I went to a terrible conference some time ago. From the first talk, it was dull and worthy. During the coffee breaks, I talked to other people, who were also driven to comment on the sheer awfulness of the event.

If you looked at the public response to this event – the Twitter coverage, for example – you would never guess that many of the delegates felt that the entire day was a waste of time.

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How to interview a customer (properly)

October 7, 2010 Doing Research

Ah, I know what you’re thinking.  D’oh!  Hah! Easy!  Just go ahead and ask them the questions! WRONG!  99% of people asked their opinion out of the blue stammered, blushed and then lied.  It’s a highly awkward social situation, and it goes roughly like this: MARKETER: (brightly) ‘So, what do you think of our shop?’ […]

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How to evaluate your website

June 11, 2010 How To

I have done shedloads of website usability in my time.  Some projects are straghtforward, others are very complicated.  This is my guide to thinking about your own assessment – you might still need to do user testing, but this should start to surface the glaring problems. 1. Define your website’s goals Your goals may be […]

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The Dark Art of the Telephone Depth Interview

January 14, 2010 Doing Research

People aren’t very keen on telephone interviews.    The phone interview tends to be seen as the (deeply) impoverished relation of the face-to-face interview.  There are plenty of obvious negatives: on the phone, you have no eye contact, no body language, and precious little context. It’s true that the lack of visual information is a […]

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