Interlude: Get Over Yourself. Get Out There.

November 30, 2011

Be Heard, by Jordee11 on DeviantArt
One of the most common website issues I see is, well, utter lack of personality.

The site owner has bags of personality.

Trouble is, she (it’s usually a she) doesn’t let one tiny bit of it creep onto the website.

Instead the web content is stuffy, over-formal or just somehow lacking anything that would really draw the passing reader in.

There’s another extreme, too. That’s the website where you know everything about the site owner’s struggle with depression/ongoing house renovation/gnawing fear of getting old…and that’s before you buy any of her art.

That’s not so good, really.

You’ve got to curate yourself well. I hate that word but I’m using it a lot these days. You have to make things, say things.



Generally make a splash, be enthusiastic, tell people why you are doing the bloody thing you are doing and what an amazing difference it would make to their lives. Somehow. Maybe not exactly in those terms, but you have to show up in your site and project all of your luminous value in a way that we poor fools on the other side of the screen can detect.

With our teeny authenticity detectors.

Get. Out. There.

OK. This is short, because the schools are on strike here. Have a good day.

I am pondering these things. In fact I am pondering making some resources to help people create and express their beautiful noisy selves in their damn websites. So I would be interested in your thoughts.



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