Interlude: We Are Not The Customers You Are Looking For

November 18, 2011 Contexts

(Website to Wonderful will resume next week) It’s hard when your face doesn’t fit. Especially when you’re the eager customer. I got an email recently from a clothes store that I love, with an invitation for customers to take part in a market research exercise at my nearest branch. I got terribly excited, but then […]

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Website to Wonderful, 3: Designing your site with real users in mind

November 9, 2011 How To

Yes, it’s time to talk about what user experience types grandly refer to as ‘user journeys’. The word ‘journey’ does sound somewhat major, but don’t get caught out: some of those journeys are the pixellated exquivalent of popping to the corner shop for a pint of milk, rather than crossing the Andes by hovercraft. As […]

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Website to Wonderful 2: Usability, or How not to make your visitors’ eyeballs bleed

November 7, 2011 How To

If you read Part 1 of the series, then you now should have a neat set of goals and wishes to think about. But before we go any further, let’s take a look at your site and see if there are any things which are actively preventing your site visitors from taking a promising relationship […]

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Website to Wonderful: Makeover Edition

November 4, 2011 How To

  Website to Wonderful. A website makeover guide for the rest of us. This is going to be a series of blog posts intended to help you make over your website presence. Who is it for? Well, it’s for you if you have a business or other organisational site which you think needs a little […]

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How to attract, engage and keep your online students

October 5, 2011 How To

Maximising motivation in digital workshops and online courses Online courses are being offered more and more, both as an alternative way of taking part in a traditional class, and as a way of providing totally new types of course. If you are designing an online workshop, you will usually want to create something that provides […]

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37 metaphors to guide your website

July 20, 2011 Blog

In the words of those slightly creepy 70s popstars, Sparks, a metaphor is a glorious thing. What’s your website all about, then? Most people will narrow their eyes at this and mutter that, well, it’s a platform for talking about their services, or selling their products…it’s just a case of getting it all out there. […]

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Six great information lessons from

July 12, 2011 Usability

  Amazon were one of the first truly online retailers and you can still learn a lot from looking at their site.  These days, the product lines are vast and the site seems sprawling, but the core information display is still golden.  Here are five things that I think Amazon does brilliantly, and some tips […]

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A beginner’s guide to feedback

July 5, 2011 Blog

I’m a huge fan of The Apprentice. (Don’t know if you get this outside the UK – reality TV show about would-be entrepreneurs, working on new money-making ‘tasks’ every week) The Apprentice is highly instructive on many levels, but I’m particularly enthralled by the candidates’ approach to customer research. Every week, the candidates will usually […]

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Do you have a flock, a convoy or a sidecar?

June 29, 2011 Blog

I want to write more about online communities, in all their different guises.  I just wrote a neat overview of the mistakes I see people make when they create new communities, but I realised I was probably going too fast for everyone.   I adore communities and at any one time, I’m a member of all […]

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Are you welcoming people in, or warning them off?

June 20, 2011 Blog

Your website acts as a hallway of possibility. Recently, I had to send my CV to a company that I’d like to work with.  I ended up using their job application software and I was honestly shocked by the poverty of the online experience.  The software gave terse, bald instructions laid out in small blue […]

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