I work with organisations who want to create an effective online presence. I’ve worked with teeny businesses and large corporations. You may be selling, educating, publicising or simply talking: whatever your goal, I’m here to help you achieve it.

Here’s a list of what I do, as of January 2013. I am based in Cambridge, England and work across the south of England. I also work remotely on projects that are suitable (isn’t the internet WONDERFUL?)

Strategic Reviews

  • Websites (yours and your competitors)
  • Online programmes and e-learning courses
  • Online communities
  • Intranets

A strategic review is an in-depth expert review of your website or online programme, together with a set of practical recommendations Reviews are a simple but very effective way of getting clear feedback that you can use straightaway. Each review is tailored to your specific business needs and circumstances. Costs depend on the size of your site.

User Experience Research

  • Usability testing, including eyetracking
  • Contextual research using interviews, focus groups and observation
  • Understanding customers, users or stakeholders

In usability testing, I take your site to the actual users, and see how they get on. Always eye-opening, always informative, and always a little unnerving. Contact me for a proposal or for contracting rates.

Teaching and Facilitating, Online and Offline

  • Scripting and facilitating your online groups for better engagement
  • Converting offline teaching to online teaching
  • Face-to-face workshops on communication, online behaviour, and online facilitation, so that you can do it yourself

You can simply put your work online, and hope for the best. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. If your online teaching or online forum needs a bit more life, get in touch. It’s often just a matter of changing the questions you ask.