The Website Advice collection

It’s very easy to get stuck figuring out what to do with your website next. Why aren’t people buying your stuff? Don’t they like it? Or is it more that they got fed up filling in 10 lines of detail plus an unreadable CAPTCHA before you’d let them look at the products?

Websites need to lead the user very clearly towards their next action.

Here are some resources to get you thinking about your site.

Website to Wonderful

This 6-part series is designed to help you to improve the general user experience.

 1: Makeover edition

2. Usability, or how not to make your visitors’ eyes bleed

3. Designing your site with users in mind

4. Paths for prospects

5. Are you losing your customer at the checkout?

6. Embrace diversity


Questions you may have asked yourself

(Some of these questions are a bit rude).

Why are they successful when their website looks like crap?

Should I have a Home button?

Web design secrets of the Internet rich and famous


Resources for planning and brainstorming

These are thinky pieces for sketching some ideas about you and your visitor. What are they here for and what can you do for them? Particularly useful if you don’t ‘sell’ in the conventional sense.

37 metaphors for thinking about your site

Website as glass window- Ideas for compelling content

Plotting your customer’s emotional journey

Are you welcoming people in or driving them off?


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