Valentine selection: five from the archives

February 14, 2011

Orange 5 billiard ball

Five. By Dricker94 on flickr

I’m cheating today.  On the assumption that you’ll be swamped by Valentine-themed content of all types, I am going to dig through my archives and blow the dust off some older posts that deserve more love.   Hopefully something for everyone.

Fair warning: some of these are from 2007, which is like 1850 in internet terms.

1. Practical usability

How to Evaluate Your Website

What it says on the tin.

2. Going beyond the polite and acceptable when talking about internet use

Are We allowed To Talk About Downloading

Why research may barely scratch the surface: things that people will happily talk about  one-to-one disappear in the more demanding, more monitored atmosphere of a focus group.

3. Better online discussions

10 Tips For Productive Online Conversations

What it says on the tin. (Warning: sarcasm)

4. Engagement with science

Musings on engagement and power

A short discussion on hidden agendas in ‘engagement’ projects, and the difficulty (and impossibility) of staying neutral.

5. The one that went viral

The curious case of the game show neuroscientists

My most popular post ever:  how not to do research on the internet (and what happens when you enrage a well-connected group on the internet).  Links may no longer operate.

There’s a coda:  the game show neuroscientists have a book coming out shortly!  It’s listed on Amazon: but take a look at the tags, and the items that customers apparently also viewed.  Fans have long memories (and mad skillz).

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